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ISBN 9783961710096

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Editora:  TENEUES 


Dimensões (LxA): 22,3 28,7 cm 

Páginas: 176

Encadernação: ENCADERNADO

Ano de Edição: 2017




ook is a colorful parade of dogs, from Giant Schnauzers to Pugs, from registered purebreds to street mutts. There is also a humorous description of each dog explaining how the outfit was chosen to make the particular animal a Dog Man or Dog Lady. For example, take “Gisbert,” a Pug who would surely be a doctor if he were human—as he loves his vet so much that all you have to do is say “Dr. Uwe” and he pricks his ears—as much as any Pug can prick his ears, at least. Dog People shows us 83 wonderful dog portraits – from a purebred Standard Schnauzer to a street mutt – and a panoply of human characters.