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Ano de Edição: 2017




In THE CIGAR WORLD, Cosima M. Aichholzer will introduce you to interesting and highly regarded personalities of the cigar world, as well as offer an insight into a dazzling and international microcosm which on closer observation seems almost like a family to her. The opening chapter deals with TOP CIGAR BRANDS and their histories. Spearheading these producers are experts and enthusiasts who live to create the perfect cigar. She then explores the world’s most FAMOUS CIGAR SHOPS. Some of these have existed for generations, whilst others have opened in recent years and have been fabulously designed. The current trend for CIGAR LOUNGES has given birth to some wonderful creations around the world. In the course of researching this book, Cosima M. Aichholzer was fortunate enough to visit over 100 lounges. She presents here some of the most beautiful and interesting from that esteemed group. In CIGAR LIFESTYLE, she focus on the most beautiful things that surround the pleasure of cigar smoking. The cigar has made its appearance in the world of art and gastronomy, as well. THE CIGAR WORLD also includes a special by top Chef Anton Mosimann for the book created tobacco and a unique Roberto Cavalli photograph of his beloved Zino Cigar. After a short introduction into the Cigar Etiquette, finally, Cosima lets several international cigar connoisseurs have their say.