Especificações Técnicas:

 Editora: TENEUES


Dimensões (LxA): 25 x 32 cm

Páginas: 220

Encadernação: CAPA DURA

Ano de Edição: 2015



Dive into an exotic world thousands of miles from the nearest landmass—a paradise devoid of distractions. Mauritius has drawn the world to its shores for hundreds of years, with a history as diverse as its population. Its crystal clear waters; lush, verdant hills; and fantastic luxurious resorts make this island one of the most sought-after destinations worldwide. Joining the Cool Escapes series, discover the best spots around the island, from beaches to resorts, restaurants to bars, and more. Gain perspective on local life with in-depth portraits of island personalities, and take a bit of paradise home with you with decadent recipes. With the supplemental teNeues Interactive App, this book is not only a collection of fantastic images and text, but a multi-media approach to the classic travel guide. You’ll want to revisit the key to the Indian Ocean time and time again after flipping through the pages of this impressive book.